Insulating homes with energy efficient spray foam

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Why spray foam?

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Energy efficient spray foam insulation, when properly installed, delivers energy savings of up to 45% for the life of your property!

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Reduce the carbon footprint of your home with recycled closed-cell spray foam.

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We offer both closed-cell and open-cell spray foam insulation, both offer improved home insulation from traditional insulators.

What are the benefits of spray foam?

The advantages to installing spray foam in your home extend far beyond just energy savings. There is an extensive list of benefits that come with using our nationally recognised spray foam.

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Fast Installation

Due to our fast drying time, installations can be completed relatively quickly.

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Fantastic Sealant

Seals all gaps, cracks and service protusions which reduces drafts in the property.

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Sound Proofing

Spray foam is an excellent sound proofer, its will help reduce sound transfer in and out of the property.

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Living Conditions

Improves conditions, reducing outside pollutants and respiratory conditions caused by other insulation.

Peace of mind with
Northerm Spray Foam

Covid-19 Secure

All our teams are fully trained and adhere to the highest safety standards to ensure we keep our customers safe. We ware full PPE and are fully Covid secure.

Accredited Applicator

We are a fully accredited Lapolla applicator. Lapolla has been a trusted brand by homeowners, building owners, contractors, and the architectural community since 1977.

Fully Certified

Northerm are a fully certified and accredited company and insured to the highest standard.

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